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December 2020

Exploring Reiki + Cupping – Inside Elements Health Treatments

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Mysterious Treatments, Miraculous Energy Return

Treatments to Restore You With Plentiful Energy

Struggling to find energy affects every space in your life. It affects your ability to work, to concentrate, to give your all in your passion of choice. It affects your ability to give your practice your all: in whatever kind of training you give your body. It affects your ability to bounce back from your training, to recover and restore and continue to enjoy challenging your body. It affects your relationships with yourself and those around you, as you struggle to continue getting yourself out there and smiling with those you love when you’re pouring from an empty energy cup yourself.

After all, our energy levels are our life force. They power us through what we do each day. Keeping them flowing, and powerful is pretty crucial.

So: how do we heal our energy during times of low? How do we refill the cup that we pour from, and ignite our inner fire with energy and health again?

Borrowing from the Traditional Chinese Medicine school of thought, from which an understanding of the body, our energy systems, our pain mechanisms, and in turn, our relief mechanisms, have been studied and practiced for thousands of years, there are a number of non-invasive but ultra-powerful treatments. For energy work and pain relief via improved blood flow, this includes Reiki Energy Healing and Cupping Treatment.

Reiki Treatment: Healing Your Energy Flow

Reiki is a non-invasive, gentle energy healing technique that originated in Japan. The word “Reiki” comes from the Japanese words “rei” (universal) and “ki” (life force/ energy). Reiki works by channeling universal energy into your body, specifically towards whatever areas most need healing and relaxation.

Many describe Reiki sessions – a combination of light touch and above-the-body energy sweeping – as calming or grounding. And for others, it feels more like an emotional realignment. In both circumstances, the principle appears the same: by healing your emotional state and releasing stress or the effects of trauma, your body starts to feel and perform holistically better.

Reiki targets the energy fields in and around the body. It works on the principle that through the experience of physical and/or emotional pain and trauma, our natural flow of energy can become blocked or disrupted, causing energy to stagnate. In time, these energetic blocks cause more pain and illness. By improving the flow of energy and removing energetic blocks, Reiki enables relaxation, reduces/ eliminates pain, accelerates healing, reduces symptoms of illness, and gives you the best night’s sleep.

Reiki stands on its own as a healing practice or can be combined with Cupping to work at a deeper level to reduce stress, calm the mind, and enable the healing of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual body.

Cupping Treatment: Boosting Blood-Flow From The Surface

Cupping is a Traditional Chinese Medicine bodywork technique using glass cups and suction to loosen, stretch and separate the underlying layers of soft tissue, fascia and muscle to promote the movement of ground substance and the circulation of qi, blood, and lymph. The negative pressure created by the suction of the cups makes cupping unique. Where a massage compresses the tissues, the negative pressure draws blood flow in and lifts the tissue, taking the pressure off it. This increased circulation enables the hydration of hardened contracted muscle fibers, releasing tension in rigid and soft tissues, and improving overall soft tissue health.

In other words, it feels like the best massage you’ve ever had!⠀⠀⠀

Pretty rarely do people actually understand why or how cupping works. The most important part, which certainly speaks for itself though: it does work. Particularly for those with muscle pain, cramping, and a sense of constant stiffness – cupping can relieve pain, renourish your muscles to heal, and really benefit your skin, sleep, and relaxation too!

In short: here’s how it works:

Cups are pressurized – this can be with either fire or a pressure pump device. This creates suction on the skin – pulling blood from deeper pools towards the skin, increasing circulation to both the skin and through the muscles for nourishment. It also mobilizes toxins towards the skin, drawing them out and removing waste products from within your body. This nourishment to the muscles can be a huge factor in relieving pain and enhancing relaxation and recovery in the muscles. It also draws out toxins and impurities from the body – which can hugely benefit acne and undernourished connective tissues.

Cupping aids in the body’s natural healing process and reduces recovery time, and is used to treat muscular pain and tightness in the neck, back, shoulders, forearms, legs, hips, iliotibial band (ITB).⠀⠀⠀⠀

Each treatment is tailored to the individual and begins with massage and Myofascial Slide Cupping. The cups are then placed on specific areas of the body and are left for approximately 10 minutes. The cups are then removed and placed in other areas 2 to 3 times depending on the individual and what is being treated. Some round “bruises” may appear when the cups are left in place, this is painless and completely normal and is usually gone within a few days to a week. ⠀⠀⠀

TCM Treatments at Elements Studio

Our goal at Elements is to help your mind, body, and soul feel and achieve its best. To do that, we feel that you need a balanced mix of all the Elements: Movement, Strength, Yoga & Restoration. Treatments to relax and re-nourish you are part of the Restoration Element. And in turn, by helping your body feel more nourished and recovered, and your mind relaxed and refreshed – you are able to achieve the other 3 Elements better!

In-studio, we offer a range of treatments – including, of course, Reiki + Cupping! These sessions are run by our in-house Reiki + Cupping practitioner: Carla!

To read more about our Reiki + Cupping treatments inside our Brisbane Studio, click here!

To book your very own Reiki + Cupping session and try the magic out for yourself, click here!

And to join us on Instagram and hear a little more about Cupping + Reiki over our posts and stories, click here.