Enjoy a acupuncture treatment and combine with cupping. Treatments are great for a range of conditions including chronic and tension type headaches, migraine prophylaxis, chronic low back pain, postoperative pain, osteoarthritis, allergic rhinitis as well as postoperative and chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting. Moderate evidence exists for acupuncture treatments alleviating anxiety, acute low back pain, neck pain, IBS, menopausal symptoms, high blood pressure, post traumatic stress disorder, asthma, obesity and acute stroke symptoms. 

What To Expect

An standard consultation lasts around an hour. Allowing for a thorough discussion of your symptoms, goals, history, lifestyle and environment. Leanne may ask to look at your tongue, feel your pulse, strength test muscles or evaluate the range of joints, before discussing your TCM diagnosis and any suitable acupuncture techniques (herbology, acupuncture, cupping, guasha, electro-stimulation). The effects of acupuncture are accumulative, so in most cases a course of treatments will be recommended, with the the number and frequency and treatments depending on the individual.

+ Interested in a holistic approach to treatment
+ Looking to understand the underlying causes of their symptoms
+ Wanting drug-free pain or symptom management
+ Wanting drug-free mood or performance enhancement
+ Wanting drug-free deep relaxation and preventative health care

Leanne GerichAcupuncture & TCM Therapist


Choose between acupuncture or add cupping and tcm



Choose between acupuncture or add in cupping and tcm



1 x Acupuncture Treatment and 1 x 1on1 Private Yoga Session



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Leanne Gerich

Meet Leanne

Leanne Gerich first began her studies at 19 while she went to University to begin studying sciences to prep for Nutritional Science. After three years of study, she felt the program wasn’t resonating with her, so she move to Vancouver where she then studies a Holistic Nutrition focus. This made sence to her as she believes whole foods is simply the answer – we don’t need to over complicate our diet! Her Holistic nutrition sparked her interested for more natural therapies – so she went to study four years of Acupuncture and also Herbology to graduate with the title of a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner. Midway through the course – Leanne also started to study yoga. She has been working ever since with a blend of the modalities to help treat clients specifically and in a unique way.

Benefits of Acupuncture + TCM

A treatment with Leanne looks different for the individual. We dig into the root of the main concern and look at all the modalities in which can help the body find balance. It all starts with an entire consultation, to better understand the persons energy levels, sleep patterns, digestion, stress and diet. As a Holistic Nutritionist – this might be finding more balance in the foods one is eating and changing a few lifestyle factors. As a traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner (TCM), the process can include not only Acupuncture but also creating herbal tinctures for the person (an excellent way to aid in sleep, digestion, hormone imbalances and skin issues)! Other parts of the treatment including cupping and slide cupping, guasha and moxabustion. These are all ancient techniques which would be included in treatment depending on the issue at hand.

Benefits of these treatments vary as there are so many modalities to choose from for the client. A TCM treatment combined with food therapy works to help direct the individual to a more balanced lifestyle. The treatments help with skin issues, IBS, other digestion and elimination issues, sleep problems, fatigue and energy imbalances, hormonal imbalances and of course pain and body aches.