Zenthai Shiatsu is a movement-based therapy that integrates the principles and techniques of Zen Shiatsu, Traditional Thai Massage, and Osteopathy. Working with focussed intention and deep listening, this form of bodywork is widely recognized as an effective structural and energetic form of therapy. Even though a Zenthai Shiatsu is a type of massage/bodywork, you stay fully clothed during the treatment.

When our body or our emotions are challenged through continuous daily life hassles or adverse life events causing trauma, our system can get out of balance. The result is often physical pain, low energy, or loss of well-being. Zenthai Shiatsu supports our natural healing mechanisms, inviting freedom and flow to our body and our emotions. It has the capacity to effectively deal with issues of the musculoskeletal, digestive, and nervous systems, among others.

What To Expect

A Zenthai Shiatsu Session will take one hour, one hour, and a half or two hours. It starts with a check-in to discuss your situation and intention for the session. Linda might ask to take your pulse or have a look at your tongue before discussing the focus of the treatment. The diagnosis process goes beyond the verbal conversation and continues throughout the session as Linda listens to your body’s subtle communication. The effects of Zenthai Shiatsu are accumulative this is why in most cases a course of treatments is recommended, depending on the individual. Come in body covering comfortable clothes as you stay fully clothed during the Zenthai Shiatsu Treatment.

Linda Kuster Yoga Teacher & Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist


60 Minutes of Revitalising ZenThai Shiatsu with Linda



90 Minutes of Revitalising ZenThai Shiatsu with Linda



3 x 60 Minute Sessions of ZenThai Shiatsu with Linda



3 x 90 Minute Sessions of ZenThai Shiatsu with Linda


Linda Kuster

Meet Linda

Linda’s innate passion to support others in their healing process led her to complete a university degree equal to a Masters’s degree in Psychology in Vienna, Austria. After years of offering counseling and support to people that among others were experiencing mental health issues or wherein domestic violence situations, she got curious about exploring healing modalities beyond the talking therapies.

Linda started deepening her yoga practice, exploring trauma-sensitive yoga, and completed a yoga teacher training as well as a Qigong teacher training.

She got her first taste of Zenthai Shiatsu at the end of 2018 and followed the urge of embarking on the journey of becoming a Therapist beginning of 2020. The difficulties that this special year presented strengthened Linda’s determination to follow her inner truth and the calling to deepen her skills in this healing modality.

With an open mind and an open heart, Linda loves connecting with others on a deeper level. She combines profound listening and body sensitivity as well as playfulness and enormous joy in her offerings. In the present moment is where she truly feels at home.